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Department of Education - Corporate

Leadership Development for Middle School Leaders

The NSW Department of Education’s School Leadership Institute is seeking to invite proposals from experts, companies, organisations, and/or consortia in educational leadership development to co-design and deliver a tailored program for formal middle school leaders in NSW public schools to develop quality leadership practices.   Formal middle school leaders include Head Teachers and Assistant Principals, working within primary, secondary, central and Schools for Specific Purposes in NSW public schools.   The objective is to tailor a course of study that meets the varying, complex and diverse needs of formal middle school leaders in the NSW public education system.   Background The School Leadership Institute (the Institute) was established to support school leaders at all stages of their career to develop high level leadership skills.   The Institute is a dedicated unit within the department responsible for the provision of world-class, evidence-informed, future-focused leadership development programs and initiatives that will ensure current and future leaders at all stages of their career are well-positioned to make the difference we seek in public education.   The Institute is committed to ensuring that equity of access is reflected in all delivered programs.   What are we procuring? The Institute is seeking to engage experts in educational leadership development to co-design and deliver a tailored, differentiated program for formal middle school leaders in NSW public schools to develop quality leadership practices.   The 12-18 month tailored program is to consist of one cohort per year using a blended learning model, in hubs of schools around the State for up to 500 formal middle leaders.   The program would begin in late October 2020 to enable participants to build the first phase into their School Plan and Professional Development Plan.   The Institute will run a rigorous selection process to enter the program (as advised by the experts on SLI Advisory Board) and enable individuals or school teams to apply.   The supplier(s) must provide a recognised post-graduate credential for participants whom successfully complete the professional learning program.     School Leadership Institute Development Continuum The continuum of leadership development the School Leadership is focussing on includes: Teacher Leaders Identification: for teacher leaders with leadership potential Development: for teachers aspiring for middle leadership roles or seeking to enhance their leadership impact. Middle Leaders Induction: for newly appointed head teachers and assistant principals Development: for assistant principals and head teachers aspiring to senior leadership roles or seeking to enhance their leadership impact. Senior Leaders Induction: for newly appointed deputy principals Development: for deputy principals and assistant proincipals aspiring to lead a school or seeking to enhance their leadership impact. Principals Induction: for newly appointed principals Development: for principals seeking to enhance their leadership impact or expand their system leadership. Directors Educational Leadership Induction: for newly appointed Director Educational Leadership Development: for ongoing development of Directors Educational Leadership to support continuous school improvement.   Who we are and who we serve •  7.5 million of our nation’s 23.5 million people live in NSW •  4.84 million in Sydney •  31.4% born overseas •  32% of ATSI people live in NSW   •  NSW DoE is the world’s largest educational system in terms of schools and leaders •  Highly diverse population and school type with a united policy framework Reference:  McIntyre, A. & Burns, D. (2017) Empowered Educators in Australia: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.   NSW public schools’ formal middle leaders 4127 Assistant Principals 3727      Primary Schools 110        Central/Community schools 23          High Schools 260        SSPs 7             Infants Schools 3943 Head Teachers 73           Primary Schools 211         Central/Community Schools 3632       High Schools 27          SSPs *Statistics from NSW DoE Human Resources Occupancy Data, as at 8 November 2019   The NSW public education system is a highly complex and diverse system inclusive of large, small,   metropolitan,   rural and remote schools with significant differences within and between school communities and the students they serve.   Formal middle school leaders in public schools undertake roles that vary significantly depending on student need, the size, nature and location of the school setting.   * Teaching Principals may express an interest in the program as their practice aligns closely with those in formal middle leadership positions.   Diversity of Middle School Leaders and Complexity of Their Roles The work of Middle School leaders is highly diverse and varies significantly depending on student need, the size, nature and location of the school setting. In general terms:   Middle schools leaders in smaller school settings: •  may report directly to the Principal •  work in small leadership teams •  supervise teams of teachers   Middle school leaders in larger school settings: •  report to Deputy Principals •  work in large leadership teams •  supervise teams consisting of teachers and other middle schools leaders   Assistant Principals may lead teaching and learning of identified groups or cohorts of students. Examples include Stage 3, Year 5 and Years K-2.   Assistant Principals may lead strategic directions within a school. Examples include Literacy, Numeracy, Student Wellbeing and Technology.   Head Teachers of curriculum areas are responsible for the program of work in a designated subject or learning area and the coordination of the work of classes in that area. Examples include English, Mathematics, Science and Creative Arts.   Head Teachers of non-curriculum areas are responsible for assigned duties associated with the specific aspects of the school. Examples include Administration, Student Wellbeing, Beginning teachers and Vocational education.   How we work The Institute is committed to incorporating departmental priorities into programs.   The Institute works in collaboration with other dedicated units within the department to support system targets.   Two key departmental priorities aligned to the formal middle leaders’ development initiative are: •  Increase the number of Aboriginal people in leadership roles •  Attract and retain quality school leaders through assistance to Rural and Remote schools in providing quality professional experience   Synergies with Existing Programs The Institute has a number of existing programs that the Middle School Leaders program needs to align with.   An example includes: The Aspiring Principals Leadership Program. -   Measuring success Ongoing formative evaluation against key milestones including leadership seminars to evaluate at a point in time. Ongoing evaluation will inform and drive continuous improvement of the program. In collaboration with the Institute’s Advisory Board we are currently developing an overarching longitudinal evaluation process.

Proposed ID DoE2050330182
Notice Published 25-Nov-2019
Expected End Date 17-Jan-2020
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Education and Training Services
Last Updated: 9-Dec-2019 4:22pm

Department of Education - Corporate

Employee Performance and Conduct - Case Management System (CMS)

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) is preparing to approach the market by releasing a Request for Information (RFI) for a Case Management System. Note - to clarify, this is an RFI and will not lead to a contract.

Proposed ID DoE1632434300
Notice Published 29-Nov-2019
Expected End Date 13-Feb-2020
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Business function specific software
Last Updated: 2-Dec-2019 10:45am

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