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Roads and Maritime Services / Google Maps APIs Premium Plan - 8000013534

Contract Award Notice ID 8000013534
Publish Date 25-Jan-2017
Category (based on UNSPSC)
81112000 - Data services
Agency Roads and Maritime Services
Particulars of the goods or services to be provided under this contract

Google Maps APIs Premium Plan

Contract Duration 12-Dec-2016 to 11-Dec-2019

Contract Award Notice Details

ACN 061264793
ABN 56 061 264 793
Is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owned business No
Street Address la/53 Burswood Road
Town/City Burswood
State/Territory WA
Postcode 6100

Other private sector entities involved in, with an interest in or benefiting from this contract

Not Applicable

Estimated amount payable to the contractor (including GST)

$1,394,927.60 (A project to be undertaken)

Any provisions for payment to the contractor for operational or maintenance services

Not Applicable

Method of Tendering

Non Tender

Description of any provision under which the amount payable to the contractor may be varied

Not Applicable

Description of any provisions under which the contract may be renegotiated

Not Applicable

Summary of the criteria against which the various tenders were assessed

Evaluation Criteria Weighting

The Google Maps Application Programming Interface provides an unmatched and unique product offering that warrants sole source procurement arrangements. Roads and Maritime Services continues to benchmark Google Maps against other solution providers, however at this stage no rival has the ability to provide the product offering required by RMS. The renewal includes variations to support increased business needs for Google Maps solutions across the Transport Cluster.

Roads and Maritime's current agreement with Google Maps started in December 2014 for use for Variable Message Signs, with an annual cost of USD $210,000. In December 2015 the agreement was expanded to include travel time data, with an annual cost of USD $6051000.

Contract Contains Agency 'PiggyBack' Clause


Industrial Relations Details for this Contract
Name of Sub-contractors (incl. ABN & ACN)

Not Applicable

Applicable Industrial Instruments

Not Applicable

Location of Work

Not Applicable

NSW Industrial Relations inspectors routinely audit the employment records of contractors and sub-contractors to all NSW Government contracts. The results of these inspections are published on the NSW Industrial Relations website.


Phone Number 0402728863

Other Information


Particulars of future transfers of assets to the State, at zero or nominal cost to the State, including the date of their transfer

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Particulars of future transfers of assets to the contractor including the date of their transfer

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The results of any cost-benefit analysis of the contract conducted by the agency


The components and quantum of the public sector comparator if used

Not Applicable

If relevant, a summary of information used in the contractor's full base case financial model (for example, the pricing formula for tolls or usage charges)

The Google Maps Application Programming Interface

provides an unmatched and unique product offering.

If relevant, particulars of how risk, during the construction and operational phases of a contract to undertake a specific project (such as construction, infrastructure or property development), is to be apportioned between the parties, quantified (where practicable) in net present-value terms and specifying the major assumptions involved

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