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Proposed tenders give early notice of possible business opportunities.

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Advance Notice - Infrastructure Support Services

The Department of Justice (the Department) is publishing this Advance Notice to notify the market for the upcoming tender opportunity for the provision of infrastructure support services to the Sites and Facilities of the subject of its infrastructure portfolio. The Department is seeking for the best partner to assist it in the delivery of strategic, efficient, relevant and effective Services to its customers commencing in April–June 2020.   The Department will be releasing an EOI approximately by late-April 2019 to identify suitably qualified suppliers (either as a single provider or a consortium) who are able to demonstrate their capability, experience and capacity to deliver the Services to all geographic locations where the Sites and Facilities are present. The EOI will be the first stage in a multi-stage procurement process. Only those Respondents shortlisted from this EOI will be invited to participate in the RFT, which is stage 2 of the procurement process.   The upcoming EOI can only be accessed via the department‘s end to end procurement system,  Procurement Central . To participate in the EOI opportunity, please register on . Organisations who have not registered on Procurement Central will not be able to access the EOI once it has been released. If you have already registered on to Procurement Central, you are not required to register again.   If you have any issues with the registration process, please contact the Helpdesk via: Phone:+61 (0)2 8072 0644 or Email: .

Proposed ID Prj_385 - Advance Notice Extension
Notice Published 27-Mar-2019
Expected End Date 26-Apr-2019
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Facilities management
Agency Department of Justice
Last Updated: 12-Apr-2019 3:47pm

Advance Notice - Department of Justice / Notice of Electronic Monitoring of Offender Services for Corrective Services NSW

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) is responsible for the management of individuals who have been placed on court orders as provided by NSW Legislation where electronic monitoring represents a better solution than imprisonment for convicted offenders. CSNSW is seeking to enter into a contract with a suitably qualified entity for an integrated solution for the provision of both electronic monitoring services, software and equipment. The initial term of the contract will be a period of four years commencing on 28/2/2020. This may be followed by two extensions of up to four years each.

Proposed ID DJ2019-20A
Notice Published 18-Mar-2019
Expected End Date 29-Apr-2019
Covered Procurement Yes
Category (based on UNSPSC)
National Defense and Public Order and Security and Safety Services
Agency Department of Justice
Last Updated: 16-Apr-2019 3:32pm

Department of Education - Corporate

Human Capital Management Program (HCM) - Phase 2 IQATA

*Please note that this proposed notice is related to Proposed ID DoE1700704597. The objective of the RFQ is to select a single supplier under the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme that can deliver the best overall solution in terms of quality of outcomes and price for the delivery of the Independent Quality Assurance and Transformation Advisory (IQATA) services. Background  The Human Capital Management (HCM) Program has been established to improve the processes and systems in place to support the NSW Department of Education's most valuable asset: its people. Phase two of the program will optimise processes for workforce planning, recruitment, talent management, onboarding, and performance development and review.  Integrated systems will be developed based on SuccessFactors, SAP’s cloud-based human resource management solution. This strategic transformation agenda will enhance the department’s capacity to recruit and retain high quality graduates and skilled staff, and reduce the administrative burden on principals, teachers and hiring managers. Phase 1 of the Program (January 2017 to September 2018) focused on establishing the high level business requirements and architecture approach and principles for the Department’s HCM systems; and rolled out SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals to 300 senior officers in the Department. The primary objectives of HCM Program Phase 2 are to: Maximise return on the department’s investment in Phase 1 of the HCM Program via responding to lessons learnt from the initial rollout and planning the further rollout of the successfully delivered SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals functionality to 5,500 Public Sector Non-Executive (PSNE) employees – thereby unlocking the benefits inherent in a scalable cloud-based software solution.  Establish a Right, Reliable and Repeatable recruitment service for the NSW Department of Education by implementing core customer outcomes addressing four service groups:                       §   workforce planning.                       §   position and organisation management.                       §   recruitment.                       §   onboarding. This will include enhancing the customer service model, building the critical data foundation and removing process complexity. As this is a business led change comprising significant business transformation, a large component of the Program will be devoted to organisational change management and stakeholder engagement. Scope The Independent Quality Assurance and Transformation Advisory (IQATA) services are to be performed within this context. The IQATA will provide the Program with practical and  pragmatic recommendations and assessments of what’s appropriate for each situation. Actions arising from recommendations provided by the IQATA will be primarily the responsibility of DoE. However, it is expected that the IQATA will positively influence HCM and its contracted suppliers to encourage resolution of issues and delivery of program outcomes. DoE therefore has to be able to work consistently over a period of time with an organisation that is capable of learning with the department in an environment where the requirements and outcomes evolve over time. The IQATA will independently review the Program’s performance on a continuous basis and determine how effective the Department and its suppliers are in remaining on target to meet expected outcomes. The supplier will provide open and frank risk management advice to the department on critical aspects of the governance, management and performance of the Program. Objective The IQATA is to support the Program’s governance to ensure that the Program is successful. In broad terms, the Program’s success will be gauged by how successful it has been in delivering the expected Program outcomes, which could be broadly described in the following terms:   Benefits are fully delivered.   Solutions provided represent value for money.   Deliverables are of good quality.   Technology architecture is robust, standard and flexible.  Projects are delivered on time and on budget.  Stakeholders are well prepared for the transition. The HCM Program requires an organisation that can assist with improving the probability of successful delivery and minimise the risk of cost and time blowouts through project health assessments and review of governance, structure, benefits, risks, scope, costs, schedule, business change, communications, and other areas that may affect the success of the Program. Supplier Resource Requirement & Qualifications To successfully undertake this engagement, the IQATA must demonstrate the following core competencies: Clearly identify the Resource Category(ies) required, including the number of resources required in this Category within the resulting contract, and their level of seniority vis-à-vis the other Categories required: demonstrable experience in undertaking an IQATA (or similar) services role in a large and complex organisation such that it will demonstrate to the department, the capability and resources to meet the requirements of this role. significant demonstrable experience in undertaking an Independent Quality Assurance and Transformation Advisor role in a complex HCM implementation project/program. a sound awareness or understanding of the nature and scope of DoE corporate and schools. demonstrable experience in providing IQATA services in a program structure with projects at different stages of delivery and complexity. the capability to enlist a team of experienced and skilled resources that will be dedicated to the Program, throughout the entirety of the Program. a sound track record in service delivery where the organisation can demonstrate successful undertaking and completion of significant, complex engagements where time, quality and cost parameters were highly critical. the financial viability to cover its obligations for the term of the engagement. the corporate capability and integrity to conduct this engagement in an honest and ethical manner. the managerial capability to work in a collaborative manner and the ability to willingly enlist the co-operation of department officers and other suppliers.

Proposed ID RFT-10022971
Notice Published 20-Mar-2019
Expected Issue Date 29-Apr-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Quality assurance services
Agency Department of Education - Corporate
Last Updated: 18-Apr-2019 3:11pm

Provision of Claims Management Services for the Treasury Managed Fund Workers Compensation Portfolio

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) protects, insures and cares for the people, businesses and assets of NSW. It provides workers compensation insurance to more than 326,000 employers in NSW and their 3.2 million employees. The NSW Self Insurance Corporation is a statutory body which was established by the NSW Self Insurance Corporation Act 2004 . It operates NSW Government’s managed fund schemes and has the power to enter into service agreements or arrangements in relation to the operation of those schemes.  The largest scheme under Insurance for NSW is the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) which provides NSW Government Agencies with asset and liability protection. This includes workers compensation protection for their employees. icare intends to issue a Request for Tender (RFT) to the open market in order to procure claims management services for TMF workers compensation. This is critical to ensure that any new and existing claims will be managed in accordance with legislation and customer needs. Agency representatives will be involved in the RFT process and the selection of a Claims Manager(s). icare is seeking a Claims Manager(s) that will uphold icare’s values and act as an extension of icare. icare intends to contract with a Claims Manager(s) that has demonstrated capability in managing NSW workers compensation claims and/or in providing claims management services to government agencies. The number of Claims Manager(s) to be appointed will, in part, be determined by the number and quality of responses received. For more information about icare, please visit  

Proposed ID RFT 001/2019
Notice Published 12-Apr-2019
Expected Issue Date 7-May-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Insurance and retirement services
Agency Insurance and Care NSW (icare)
Last Updated: 12-Apr-2019 11:59am

Transition to new tendering and sourcing system - please register now

The Department of Justice has recently launched Procurement Central which is a new end to end procurement system. Procurement Central will be the platform that the Department of Justice will use for the majority of its sourcing activities. Open tender activities will still be advertised through eTenders, but access to the tender documentation and submission of responses will happen through Procurement Central. The Department of Justice encourages you to proactively register in Procurement Central which can be accessed here If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact . For assistance with the registration process please contacts the Helpdesk via phone: +61 (0)2 8072 0644 or 

Proposed ID Procurement Central
Notice Published 18-Jan-2019
Expected Issue Date 31-Dec-2020
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
Agency Department of Justice
Last Updated: 2-Apr-2019 3:41pm

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 records