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WSROC / Proposed Tender List

Proposed tenders give early notice of possible business opportunities.

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Department of Education - Corporate

National School Chaplaincy Program - Scheme Refresh

This is a  NOTIFICATION ONLY .   Further details on Application publish dates and accessing Application documents can be found in the  Additional Details / Instructions  section below. The objective of this Expression of Interest is to refresh the scheme of prequalified service providers for the National School Chaplaincy Program. All organisations seeking prequalification will be required to submit an application to be considered. Prequalified providers will be accredited for a period ending 31 December 2022. Pre-qualified providers will be established on the Scheme under the NSW Human Services Agreement framework. Further details can be found at:

Proposed ID EOI DoE1966885481
Notice Published 11-Oct-2019
Expected Issue Date 17-Oct-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Healthcare provider support persons
Agency Department of Education - Corporate
Last Updated: 11-Oct-2019 4:45pm

CSNSW External Program Facilitators

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) is looking to engage additional External Program Facilitators to deliver a range of accredited behaviour change programs to offenders in custody and the community. CSNSW are looking for individuals who are able to work independently and with a high level of integrity. Individuals who are trained and have worked in the humanities sector or adult education are encouraged to apply. Ideally, applicants will have an understanding of evidence based practice underlying offender services and programs, and related administrative processes such as detailed record keeping. CSNSW will provide training (if required) and ongoing assessment and support. CSNSW External Facilitators are paid for each program delivered, for time spent preparing sessions and for session debriefs. Note that External Facilitation work with CSNSW is casual in nature and facilitators are engaged on an as-needs basis. CSNSW does not guarantee a minimum number of program facilitation hours.

Proposed ID DJ2019-23A
Notice Published 24-Jul-2019
Expected Issue Date 24-Oct-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Education and Training Services
Agency Department of Communities and Justice
Last Updated: 24-Jul-2019 11:57am

Department of Communities and Justice

Family Connect and Support Services

The Stronger Communities Investment Unit (SCIU), Their Futures Matter, is a whole of government landmark reform that aims at improving the outcomes of vulnerable children and families by ensuring they receive the right support at the right time . System Transformation is one of the components of the reform of the child and family system. The redesign extends and enhances work already underway across the sector and is aimed at redesigning the current access system to better align the needs of vulnerable families to child wellbeing service responses. System Transformation is planning to establish the Family Connect and Support Service. The service will focus efforts into proactive outreach , assessment, short term case planning and active holding to support vulnerable children, young people and families in NSW whose needs do not meet the threshold for statutory child protection intervention. Providers will need to demonstrate their capacity and commitment to: •  Provide flexible engagement approaches including proactive outreach and active holding using evidence informed child and family approaches. •  Facilitate strategic partnerships and strengthened referral pathways and play a lead role in local level alliance. •  Contribute to co-designing a Common Assessment Framework and practice tools. •  Commitment to work with Stronger Communities Investment Unit as the System Transformation reform progresses. •  Provide culturally responsive practice recognising local diversity and ensuring Aboriginal and CALD communities are supported. •  Participate and contribute to a Community of Practice. •  Promote workforce development, including building the Aboriginal workforce, and competency building in specific domains of family vulnerability. •  Use innovative practice to break down barriers to reach isolated families. AT NOTE ON LOCATIONS – THE NSW REGIONS LISTED UNDER LOCATION REFLECT THAT THE PROGRAM IS INTENDED TO BE DELIVERED STATE - WIDE. THESE ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE A LIST OF SERVICE LOCATIONS. 

Proposed ID FACS.19.174.Notice
Notice Published 4-Sep-2019
Expected Issue Date 31-Oct-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Community and social services
Agency Department of Communities and Justice
Last Updated: 16-Oct-2019 3:45pm

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Commercialisation rights to sheep body conditioning tool

Commercialisation rights to sheep body conditioning tool A tool that can objectively measure the body condition score of sheep either shorn or unshorn. There are more than two billion sheep and goats in the world, reproduction underpins the value of those aminals producers are told to improve reproduction outcomes they must improve the body condition score of their breeders. The current industry standard is a manual and subject assessment, this tool provides an objective measure.

Proposed ID 19-789
Notice Published 1-Oct-2019
Expected Issue Date 1-Nov-2019
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Animal health
Agency NSW Department of Primary Industries
Last Updated: 1-Oct-2019 10:32am

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 records