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A 'standing offer notice' or SON is a notice to advise the community, the government sector, industry and other interested parties of the establishment of an future arrangement between a NSW Government entity and a private entity. A 'standing offer' is not a contract. A standing offer is an offer from a potential supplier to provide goods and/or services within a pre-arranged pricing framework, under set terms and conditions, when and if required. No contract exists until the Government issues an order or "call-up" against the standing offer, and there is no actual obligation by the Government to purchase until that time.

Typically, these arrangements are established for the potential future supply needs of a particular set or range of goods and/or services that many Government entities are expected to need in the delivery of their functions. These arrangements allow Government entities to make specific orders for relevant goods and/or services.  With the general terms of the arrangement being largely already determined this allows Government to be more responsive and focussed on their core service delivery obligations.

Standing offers are usually established as panel arrangements for a particular category of goods and/or services. The panel arrangements usually operate for a defined period. 

For further details about the standing offers and panel arrangements established by the peak procurement organisation in the NSW Government, the NSW Procurement Board see

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