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Proposed RFTs provide early notification of a possible upcoming business opportunities or tenders and are no guarantee that the RFT will proceed.

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Department of Education - Corporate

Student Engagement and Attendance - Prequalification Scheme

The NSW Department of Education is establishing the Student Engagement and Attendance Services – Prequalification Scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme will consist of pre-qualified external providers with the aim to streamline the process for schools to access support and wellbeing services to support their work with students and families. The Scheme will initially be open for providers to pre-qualify under the following stream: Stream Definition Student Engagement and Attendance Student Engagement and Attendance is a government priority. Student attendance has a direct impact on student performance at school and subsequent post school outcomes for students. Engagement or re-engagement programs are those that provide tailored education and support for students who are disengaged or have been identified as at risk of disengaging from school. These programs or services can include strategies that target behavioural, emotional and cognitive engagement and attendance and may be universal or targeted. Programs and services may include mentoring, youth work, behaviour support, school refusal programs, engagement or reengagement programs, homework or tutorial programs and alternative education programs as defined under the scheme guidelines. The needs of individual schools will vary however it is expected that all service providers engaged through this stream will work with the school to understand factors that may be impacting on a student's Engagement and Attendance. Service providers will be required to focus on achieving outcomes for students.   Providers pre-qualified will be established on the Scheme under the NSW Human Services Outcomes framework.   Schools will use the Scheme to select their preferred provider and will be responsible for funding and managing their own engagements. Schools can continue to use providers not on the Scheme.

Proposed ID DoE1390977879 - EOI
Notice Published 19-Oct-2018
Expected Issue Date 22-Oct-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Education and Training Services
Agency Department of Education - Corporate
Last Updated: 19-Oct-2018 4:37pm

Department of Education - Corporate

State Office Furniture Scheme SCM0771 Variation

The NSW Department of Education (the Department/DoE) will be varying the State Office Furniture Prequalification Scheme SCM0771 (the Scheme) in two parts. Part One is the inclusion future focussed learning furniture as a category in the Scheme. Future focussed furniture products are mainly associated with the construction of new and refurbished learning spaces rather than the traditional classroom settings. Part Two follows the variation to the Scheme conditions; the current suppliers on the Scheme will be invited via a restricted Request For Information (RFI) process to determine their capacity and capability to supply future learning school classroom furniture. Concurrently, new suppliers can register in the Scheme under the new future focussed learning furniture category.

Proposed ID DoE1449812420
Notice Published 18-Sep-2018
Expected Issue Date 31-Oct-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Classroom and instructional and institutional furniture and fixtures
Agency Department of Education - Corporate
Last Updated: 18-Sep-2018 4:06pm

Department of Education - Corporate

Multimedia Solutions State Contract

The NSW Government through the NSW Department of Education is seeking to establish a panel of approved Suppliers for the supply, delivery and installation, warranty, service and support of Multimedia Solutions products under a whole-of-government contract. The products include: •  Interactive touch-screen panels   •  Mobile Computers on Wheels •  Main Learning Displays   •  Commercial Displays •  Interactive and non-interactive Projectors •  Audio visual products – TVs, CD and DVD player/writers, Blu-ray disk players, receivers •  Sound system products   - Portable speakers, portable and personal PA systems, microphones, hearing augmentation, receivers, sound system requirements for school halls and other large learning spaces •  Cameras (still, video, web and conferencing), Document Camera and all associated accessories, spare parts and services. Suppliers will be required to provide Multimedia Solutions products in bundles and individually. Approved Supplier products will make up the suite of products available under a new whole-of-government Multimedia Solutions contract.

Proposed ID DoE1333983620
Notice Published 17-Aug-2018
Expected Issue Date 5-Nov-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment
Agency Department of Education - Corporate
Last Updated: 13-Sep-2018 10:11am

FACS Central Office

Mobile Therapeutic Caseworker Program

This notification is being issued to announce the commencement of the commissioning of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) Mobile Therapeutic Caseworker (MTC) Program . The MTC Program is a new, innovative initiative. It aims to address the limited capacity of FACS to respond to unaccompanied children presenting to Homelessness Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) or Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) who screen in at Risk of Significant Harm (ROSH) and require a child protection response, but remain unallocated. There are a number of unknown elements of the MTC Program, including the model, market, and location(s). To ensure the best outcomes are achieved for clients, FACS will undertake a co-design process to develop the MTC Program. Co-design workshops will be held with interested stakeholders, with a view to develop the: program and service delivery model; and funding allocation strategy (for example: guarantee of service to a particular provider in a limited location(s), or nine roles divided between providers across multiple locations).   Following the co-design process, prospective applicants will have ten (10) days to complete a Registration of Interest (ROI) form for the Select Tender stage. This will occur through the NSW Governments e-Tender website . The select tender will only be open to those providers who have registered via the ROI. If you are interested in participating in the co-design workshops, please RSVP by sending the following information to by COB 16 October 2018 : Organisation name Contact person Contact phone number and email address The workshops are planned for late October and early November 2018 – details   about the workshops’ dates and locations will be emailed to you.

Proposed ID FACS.18.219.Notice
Notice Published 2-Oct-2018
Expected Issue Date 6-Nov-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Community and social services
Agency FACS Central Office
Last Updated: 2-Oct-2018 4:20pm

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