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Proposed Tender List

Proposed RFTs provide early notification of a possible upcoming business opportunities or tenders and are no guarantee that the RFT will proceed.

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HealthShare NSW

NSW Health Clinical Coding Solution Expression of Interest

NSW Health, through HealthShare NSW, will be seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from suitable providers for a State-wide Clinical Coding Solution

Proposed ID HT17022
Notice Published 16-Mar-2018
Expected Issue Date 30-Apr-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Information Technology Service Delivery
Agency HealthShare NSW
Last Updated: 16-Mar-2018 2:26pm

FACS Central Office

Opportunity Pathways Program

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) is introducing programs as part of the Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW strategy, which is the NSW Government’s vision for social housing over the next 10 years. The Opportunity Pathways Program is designed for clients living in social housing, receiving Rent Choice subsidies, being assisted by Specialist Homelessness Services, or on the NSW Housing Register. The program is voluntary and uses a person-centred case management approach to facilitate participants’ access to services to achieve economic and housing independence (where appropriate). Participants will be assessed and then assisted with the following: Pre-employment Preparation – assisting clients with significant barriers to employment through individualised support and referral to specialist services or literacy, numeracy or language training. Employment Support  - providing client-centred, tailored assistance to support participants build capacity and resilience and achieve agreed employment goals. Includes practical assistance, skills development, links to training and local employment opportunities, supported vocational training, and support sustaining employment. Housing Independence Outcome ? involves a voluntary agreement between a participant, a housing provider and a support provider to assist participants work towards exiting social housing assistance.   Participants receive tailored services and supports to overcome barriers to independence, increase work readiness, engage in education and employment and move to housing independence. Please monitor the website in the current section for the publication of this proposed Tender named Opportunity Pathways Program or contact the person noted below for further details.

Proposed ID FACS.18.30.Notice
Notice Published 23-Feb-2018
Expected Issue Date 7-May-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Community and social services
Agency FACS Central Office
Last Updated: 17-Apr-2018 8:29am

Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment (Early Notice)

Infrastructure NSW (INSW) intends to commence a two-stage procurement process for a design development, documentation and construction contract for the Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park mid 2018. The Stadium will be managed by the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust. The Sydney Football Stadium project includes the demolition of the existing stadium (Allianz Stadium) and the construction of a new premium rectangular stadium with up to 45,000 seats.   Indicative Design and Construction Contract Modified CG21 lump sum design development documentation and construction Fully documented Project Brief outlining the Principal’s Project Requirements. Principal’s Reference Design inclusive of GA Series architectural drawings Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a Stage 1 SSDA Option to novate the Principal’s architectural design firm   Indicative Project Milestones: May 2018 – Release an open market Expression of Interest (EOI) vie e-Tenders May 2018 – Release a Request for Tender to shortlisted tenderers November 2018 – Stage 1 planning approval (building envelope, demolition and early works) November 2018 – Award design and construction contact to successful tenderer November 2018 – Decommission existing stadium January 2019   - Demolition commencement   Respondents to the EOI will be required to demonstrate, including but not limited to: Capability and capacity to deliver the works Recent relevant project experience Proposed delivery team Financial capacity to provide securities and deliver the works   Shortlisted tenderers will be required to demonstrate, including but not limited to: Methodology and program Building services and structural design proposals consistent with the Principal’s Reference Design and Stage 1 SSDA submission. Fixed Price

Proposed ID SFSR
Notice Published 6-Apr-2018
Expected Issue Date 15-May-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
Agency Infrastructure NSW
Last Updated: 6-Apr-2018 4:31pm

FACS Central Office

Children and Young People with Complex Disability

Notification of upcoming tender process for the Care of Children and Young People with Complex Disabilities Introduction FACS will commence an open tender process to provide support to children and young people with complex disabilities. It is envisaged that this process will commence in early 2018 with new contracts commencing in late 2018. This tender will be open to all service providers, including those who were not successful in the Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC) Expression of Interest (EOI) stage, or those currently involved in the ITC Request for Tender (RFT). Background FACS commenced a two stage procurement process for ITC in November 2016. This procurement is to reform the existing Residential Care service system. In May 2017, FACS paused the RFT stage of the ITC procurement to enable additional interactive dialogue with RFT Respondents to provide greater visibility of key reform parameters which will underpin RFT responses. During the interactive meetings, a recurring theme was the inability of the new ITC model to cater for the needs of children and young people in statutory out of home care with complex disabilities. Their needs are ongoing and significantly different to other children and young people in residential care. Trauma informed services such as ITC are designed specifically to address trauma and its impact in order to facilitate recovery. However in all aspects of service delivery, ITC may not be the model to cater for children with complex disabilities. FACS will now commence a separate procurement process for these children and young people. Cohort identification The children and young people in this alternative service model are unlikely to step-down to less intensive care pathways, as framed by the ITC system. FACS expects there are a small group of under 50 children and young people in the current statutory out of home care service system in NSW that may become eligible for this service model. They are identified as having extreme functional impairment and/or very high support needs that have substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and require specialised and intensive supports to maintain stability in their care arrangements. They may not be able to respond to the practices of ITC and may have complexities that pose significant risks to themselves and others and, as a result, will require ongoing care and disability support even after they turn 18 years of age. Next steps A tendering process for the model of care will be undertaken in 2018 after a period of consultation with the sector to facilitate the development of a service model. The model will be designed so that the services a child or young person with a complex disability receives are always determined by their assessed needs and focused on safety, permanency and well-being outcomes.  If your agency did not participate in the ITC EOI or RFT, and currently provides placements for FACS funded special care or other out-of-contract placements, you are encouraged to participate in this tendering process. Further information will be provided in early 2018, so that all service providers have time to consider their positions.

Proposed ID FACS.17.247
Notice Published 15-Dec-2017
Expected Issue Date 31-Dec-2018
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Community and social services
Agency FACS Central Office
Last Updated: 15-Dec-2017 1:42pm

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 records