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NOTE: If you can't find the Contract Award Notices that you are looking for via this Contracts Register Search page, please search via Reports >> Contract Award Notice Published.

A 'contract award notice' is a notification of the existence of a contract between a NSW Government entity and a private entity/organisation.

The NSW Government requires that NSW Government agencies publicly disclose details about any contracts with private sector organisations. This requirement is part of the Government Information (Public Access) Act (click here to view the Act).

The 'contract award notices' found on the NSW eTendering include details about that contractual arrangement as required in the Act.

If you have any questions about a 'contract award notice' found on this website use the contact details provided on each specific listing. If you cannot find a particular contract and would like further information please contact the NSW Government agency that is party to the agreement.

The Contracts Register Seach facility below provides for three different searching methods.

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