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Sydney Trains & NSW Trains / Closed Tender List

NSW Government tenders are listed here for 30 days after closing, after which they are moved to archived tenders.

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NSW Trains

EOI - Catering Services - Current and New Regional

EOI invited for teh provision og long term catering Services on current and new regional fleet for NSW Trains.

RFT ID EOI - Catering Services - Current and New Regional
RFT Type Notice
Published 29-Apr-2019
Closes 17-May-2019 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Catering services
Agency NSW Trains
Last Updated: 29-Apr-2019 10:21am

Sydney Trains

Repair & Reseal Broadmeadow Maintenance Centre Waste Water Pits

Sydney Trains is inviting experienced and suitably qualified organisations to tender for Sydney Trains’ requirements for repair and resealing of Broadmeadow Maintenance Centre (BMC) main waste water pits

RFT ID WS1682086661
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 17-Apr-2019
Closes 15-May-2019 2:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal
Agency Sydney Trains
Last Updated: 17-Apr-2019 12:48pm

Sydney Trains

WS1543887972 - Heavy Plant Maintenance and Fabrication Services

The scope of this project is to engage qualified suppliers to support Sydney Trains on an as required basis to provide Heavy Plant Maintenance and Fabrications Services. The Heavy Plant to which the proposed services required are listed below:  (i) On Track Construction:Ballast Cleaning Machines, Tracklaying Machines, Rail Laying Systems i.e. Robel Gantry. (ii) On Track Resurfacing:Tamping Machines, Ballast Regulators, Dynamic Track Stabilizers. (iii) On Track OHW:Overhead Wiring Trains consisting of Main and Drum Vehicles. (iv) Off Track Plant: Earth Moving Machines, Forklifts, Compressors, Turnout Renewal Machines (DESEC) etc. Sydney Trains is seeking Heavy Plant Maintenance and Fabrication Services from Suppliers having qualified personnel capable of carrying out services to support Heavy Plant Maintenance and Fabrication work. The Services shall include the provision of some or all of (but not limited to) the following types of qualified personnel: (i) Electrical Services; (ii) Hydraulic/Pneumatic Services; (iii) Welding/Fabrication Serivces; (iv) Mechanical Services, and (v) General Services (Painting etc.)

RFT ID WS1543887972
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 4-Apr-2019
Closes 13-May-2019 10:00am
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Engineering equipment maintenance services
Agency Sydney Trains
Last Updated: 2-May-2019 2:00pm

Sydney Trains

Bus Shelter & Interchange Advertising

Sydney Trains (including NSW Trains locations) is tendering a new asset Greenfield revenue opportunity to add to its current advertising portfolio being; Bus shelters and Interchanges located on RailCorp freehold land via an open market RFP. The services contemplated under this tender are a full outsource model with Sydney Trains providing access to approved assets (bus stops, interchanges and other stops (eg Kiss & Ride, Taxi Stands, etc)) for the supplier to supply, install, operate, maintain and sell and manage third party advertising to generate revenue.

RFT ID WS1662116450
RFT Type Open Tenders
Published 11-Mar-2019
Closes 10-May-2019 5:00pm
Category (based on UNSPSC)
Agency Sydney Trains
Last Updated: 11-Mar-2019 2:26pm

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 records